Wood Paints (PU, NC, Water based, Acrylic, Polyester, UV)

Mas Paints offers a wide range of paints such as: PU, NC, Water based, Acrylic, Polyester, UV curing and many more. We developed a range of water based and solvent free wood paints in order to offer a product that protects the environment.
All our wood paints are based on Italian and European raw materials and know how. Our collection of wood paints does not just offer finishes, lacquers and colours, we also provide some very unique special effect wood paints that mirror the effect of leather, crackle effect of marble allowing designers and furniture manufacturers to create new looks. Leather and suede faux finishes can add ultra-luxe to your walls.
If you are looking for a finish that looks gorgeous and touchable, suede and leather faux finish are the way to achieve the rich authentic characteristics desired.

  •   texture paints Marble effect
  •   decorative cracked effect paint Crackled effect
  •   decorative metallic finish paints Leather Effect
  •   wood paints Matt Finish
  •   wood paint Gloss finish