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Welcome to MAS Paints

"Colour is a power which

directly influences the soul.”

--Wassily Kandinsky

MAS is a leading Italian brand of high quality wood paints, wood top coatings, special effect wood paints and dyes, and decorative textured paints and finishing products. MAS offers a range of solutions to meet all specific demands.

MAS Paints encapsulates elegance, style and a splash of creativity. The ambition to create textures and decorative effects with the power to transform walls into works of art. These values have enabled MAS to establish our brand as one of the top companies worldwide in the paint manufacturing industry, in both wood and decorative paints. The quality of our products are guaranteed thanks to the careful selection of high quality raw materials from Italy and Europe, experienced staff and cutting- edge technology.

MAS Paints Group was founded by the Alatrash family in Saudi Arabia in 1990 to manufacture wood paints and finishes. The company started manufacturing paint in Italy and in 1994 established the MAS Paint and Chemical Industry factory in the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai.

Within a few years, MAS Paints had become a standard in the world of paints. In order to deal with the growing demand in the local market and neighbouring GCC countries, Pakistan, Africa, Canada, India and the CIS region, the company moved to a bigger facility located in the Sharjah Industrial Area.

With our growing range of wood and decorative paints we are able to meet the specific demands of our clients and we have positioned MAS at the forefront of the wood and decorative paint industry.

Our vision is to set MAS as the benchmark in wood and decorative paints, by confidently maintaining quality, constant innovation and excellence in our current and new products.

We promote MAS locally and globally, while maintaining dynamic progression in the industry, embracing the highest standards and providing mutual co-operation between the manufacturer and our customers.

Service and quality remains our top priority regardless of the size of the project. We take great pride in our work and provide a unique warranty on all decorative textured paints we apply.

As a proud industry partner of (IFI) the International Federation of Interior Architects and Designers and (APID) the Association of Professional Interior Designers, the belief of the management and our quality and commitment make MAS Paints a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 certified company.